Thursday, November 6, 2014

Un regalo...


A long time ago, before I started composing more seriously, I thought it was time to upgrade my keyboard. I was big and it was small... When I was a kid it was okay, because it wasn't small for me, we were around the same size probably, but when I grew up, I thought it'd be good to have a bigger keyboard and also one that allowed me to press more than 2 notes at a time (Bigger Polyphony), yes: The CASIO I got from my beginnings allows only 2 notes to be played simultaneously at maximum.
I talked with my family, and to my surprise, one day my aunt said she had something for me: She showed me a gift wrap which was small, small enough not to be a keyboard... It was a transformer!! And then she said: It's a joke, the Keyboard it's upstairs, so she brought the keyboard and we tried it and it was awesome! Excellent sounding quality. My reaction was good, of course, it was my first big keyboard and it sounded good enough! Nothing would replace the CASIO though, I even thought on playing both like Vangelis does, well maybe he plays 3-4 at a time, that's another level... But you get the idea, right?


I decided to record a small demonstration of, again, the famous melody from some of my first serious compositions. Please bear in mind I'm not a Professional Piano-Keyboard Player at all! So don't expect a perfect performance when you watch the video. Thank you!

With those precautions in mind, let's watch the demo: