Monday, November 3, 2014

Other Arts

I don't just compose Music! Did you think that was all?!

Yep, I don't just compose music. I have managed to achieve some experience in other art forms such as Painting, 3D modelling, Drawing, Vector Drawing, Photography, Building with Legos, wait a minute... building with Legos? Hmm maybe that's an old one. Yeah I always liked to play around with Legos. Let's continue: Making Videogames, Filming stuff, Acting, and maybe other ones that I don't have in mind right now but probably will stick out later.

Want some examples? All right!


A musical keyboard... How creative!


My cat, called Mini. Pretty isn't he?

3D Modelling:

Believe it or not, that's some sort of temple.
I'd agree it looks like a shopping mall though.

So those are some examples of other things I can do. I could post more examples but I'm running a bit late and I've posted pretty much for today.
Hope you enjoyed the material I've shared with you up to now and look forward to share more in the future.

¡Nos vemos!

Break it!


I hope you people don't think I'm encouraging everyone to start breaking everything up. Oh no, not really! Actually what I mean with this expression is, instead of tearing all apart, JOIN IN yourselves into this system. Comment, like, become a follower of the blog, and so on. Have you already posted a comment? Only a friend from France up to this time has posted a comment. He was the only one to comment my blog up to this moment. What does that mean? Well, probably that the 50 people that the counter said who visited my site didn't take the time to post a comment. Is that sad? Well I leave that to you to judge.

A blog is a place in which someone flows out all of what he/she is driven by in his/her inside, and of course comments can change that too. Comments are one of the things that tend to change a topic from one thing to another. Ask trolls for instance. No, not Fantasy trolls, real trolls. The ones we see everywhere commenting things that produce a bad response, or generate global dispute. Believe it or not, those are real topic-changers. I remember someone well known that I'm not going to mention, who was offering a product that I'm not going to mention either, who said he was totally disappointed from what he achieved in the public. He even said his job was the most horrible thing in the world and would not recommend anyone else to do the same job. Imagine what that could be in someones life!!!

Break the Ice could be a better expression perhaps. But we're used to Facebook's terms such as Wall. So why not break this wall which isn't exactly a facebook one, and put some of your own stuff in here? Maybe I could pick someones topic and use it in here. What do you think?

Yes, tell me: 

What do YOU, think?



Another thing to note about WRENSOUND is that it's a service provided Globally, which means my work can be sent to China, Korea, Spain, England, USA, Russia, Africa, Antarctica, anywhere! And you can pay me through PAYPAL, which allows you to send money safely through the Internet. Yes!

There are things to note, though: Big files such as .wav ones require more space, so bear in mind that those files would take a long time to download instead of compressed formats such as .mp3 or .ogg

But yes, even taking in mind all those limitations, it's still possible to offer this service globally, nowadays internet connections are pretty fast and you can obtain files pretty quickly. I'm not saying that mine is the fastest, as this would be a lie, and while my ISP might be feeling a bit sad from what I said, it's no more than the truth. But better would be nothing, right?

I use the English language because it is the agreed one for speaking worldwide and understanding ourselves, a way of getting to know what each other is saying.

So yes, global. Yeah.