Monday, November 3, 2014

Break it!


I hope you people don't think I'm encouraging everyone to start breaking everything up. Oh no, not really! Actually what I mean with this expression is, instead of tearing all apart, JOIN IN yourselves into this system. Comment, like, become a follower of the blog, and so on. Have you already posted a comment? Only a friend from France up to this time has posted a comment. He was the only one to comment my blog up to this moment. What does that mean? Well, probably that the 50 people that the counter said who visited my site didn't take the time to post a comment. Is that sad? Well I leave that to you to judge.

A blog is a place in which someone flows out all of what he/she is driven by in his/her inside, and of course comments can change that too. Comments are one of the things that tend to change a topic from one thing to another. Ask trolls for instance. No, not Fantasy trolls, real trolls. The ones we see everywhere commenting things that produce a bad response, or generate global dispute. Believe it or not, those are real topic-changers. I remember someone well known that I'm not going to mention, who was offering a product that I'm not going to mention either, who said he was totally disappointed from what he achieved in the public. He even said his job was the most horrible thing in the world and would not recommend anyone else to do the same job. Imagine what that could be in someones life!!!

Break the Ice could be a better expression perhaps. But we're used to Facebook's terms such as Wall. So why not break this wall which isn't exactly a facebook one, and put some of your own stuff in here? Maybe I could pick someones topic and use it in here. What do you think?

Yes, tell me: 

What do YOU, think?


  1. Broke! :-) Nice post Alex!
    Your aunt Claudia

    1. Thanks for breaking it in! I'm likely to mention what you do in the near future in a topic. Hope somebody else also breaks the wall so I can make a compilation of topics to talk about.