Monday, November 3, 2014



Another thing to note about WRENSOUND is that it's a service provided Globally, which means my work can be sent to China, Korea, Spain, England, USA, Russia, Africa, Antarctica, anywhere! And you can pay me through PAYPAL, which allows you to send money safely through the Internet. Yes!

There are things to note, though: Big files such as .wav ones require more space, so bear in mind that those files would take a long time to download instead of compressed formats such as .mp3 or .ogg

But yes, even taking in mind all those limitations, it's still possible to offer this service globally, nowadays internet connections are pretty fast and you can obtain files pretty quickly. I'm not saying that mine is the fastest, as this would be a lie, and while my ISP might be feeling a bit sad from what I said, it's no more than the truth. But better would be nothing, right?

I use the English language because it is the agreed one for speaking worldwide and understanding ourselves, a way of getting to know what each other is saying.

So yes, global. Yeah.

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  1. You are music talented! You should get requests from everywhere, globaly! I wish you best luck, my dear!
    Your aunt Claudia