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This site has been created with the purpose of promoting my own work and sharing it with everyone, as well as allowing anyone to contract me to compose their needed songs and sound effects or sound design.

I'm Alexander and it's a pleasure for me to be doing this for you. But bear in mind that my English is not perfect, not native. So in case you see errors, expect them to be because what I learned I learned it on School and on my own. I haven't been doing special education regarding to English apart from what was taught to me since a kid formally and what I gathered through the ages.

I want to thank my aunt, whose best known in the internet as the PassionatePianist, who has supported my love for Music Composition since it began in 2007. I have former experience in that field but more as an amateur composer who recorded keystrokes from the computer keyboard into midi notes into a program called Music Sculptor. That's right, that was the first software I came across that allowed me to flow my creativity into musical pieces.

Here's her website:

I want to thank my family who has always been around and grew me up. They bought a small CASIO keyboard when I was just months old!!! Imagine!

More about myself: My main language is Spanish by Mother Tongue. I think I've learned English pretty well as a second language. And I know just bits of other languages: French, Italian, Serbian, Philippine, Latin... But believe me, they are just random words I know of them!! I guess they reveal part of what I've been doing in my life, visiting other countries and so on.
I've visited Hong Kong, Philippines, United States, South Africa, Chile, Brazil and more countries that I don't remember right now... But one thing is for sure: I never visited Europe, so that's a must for the future... Or probably a maybe. :)

My experience has been wide, since I've been around 12 years old I've been trying different multimedia tools: GameMaker, Video editors, Image Editors, Sound Editors, well... All kinds of editors I guess!!!
At around 13-14 I created my first videogame with a mix of own 2d graphics and template graphics, the music was all made by me though. Yes, using Music Sculptor! So you guessed it: Midi files. Not the best you would expect. But it was pretty cool for a first videogame.
All these tools I've learned, I learnt them by trial and error, self-taught. I guess it's my own way of learning new things that I enjoy.

When I was older I started trying different things as Mixcraft, I didn't learn much of it, did a couple of things with it though. They looked pretty nice but I was limited because they were riffs... unlike when I discovered Music Generator or something like that, it was a PlayStation game, YES, A GAME, that allowed you to create music and even more: 3D videoclips. Yeah, complete pack. I liked it, I created a song with it. You could even enter individual notes into synthesizers and samplers I think, which in effect it allowed you to produce pretty cool melodies. And of course it had thousands of premade riffs which you could use to create your songs in a quick 'n dirty way. Maybe even better than just "Quick n' Dirty".

As always I've been inspired by different musics and videogames, the first videogame console I ever had wasn't a Nintendo but a SEGA, so I met Sonic the Hedgehog when I was maybe 7 years old. I even remember the first ever videogame I played, it was in a videogame center in a city in my country called Mar del Plata, which is a tourist centre in Argentina, that game I don't remember it's name but it was about a helicopter in 2d that was moving in a battlefield, so you had tanks on the ground and other sorts of military units.
I didn't mention the musics yet, so here they come: They've been videogame musics, film musics and other musics from composers as Vangelis, Yanni and Enya... I remember a morning when I was about to go to school and I was having breakfast, my dad turned on the radio-cassete player and put a vangelis tape and it started playing the Pulstar song... it was MARVELOUS. I don't remember if that was my best day of school, but what can I assure you is... oh boy that was a great breakfast!!!

I think I've said pretty much about myself. So I'd like to hear more about you, dear visitors. Tell me about yourselves in the comments. Share your story.

Well, hope you enjoy the 34 songs, I think that I have in my Soundcloud? Yeah I think they are 34. Okay, enjoy them and comment, like, subscribe, send me money!!! -No, why not ask for a song instead? That way your money would be well invested on me.-

Anyway people, best regards from here, from my desk, and hope you reach your goals in regards of music and any other fields you're interested in. Feel free to send e-mails to:

That's it! I'm out!



  1. It's a pleasure to know you Alexander. You are nice with people, you speak about interesting things, and you share your love to music. That's awesome !

    Also, I remember an old game I was playing too which was about a helicopter and tanks, it is Army Men : Air Attack ( It was great !

    Your musics are really well made. Be sure I'll follow you.

    1. Thank you Commandux! You're a good friend too. Nice to have you around. Thanks for subscribing!

  2. Very nice introduction and explanation about yourself.
    Needless to say... I am proud to have been part of your inspiration.
    Your compliments get my soul warm, so sweet from you.

    Claudia (your crazy aunt, in the music too!)