Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Actual Project


What is my recent project? Well it's not hard to guess: A Soundtrack.
I've been composing a Medieval-Themed Soundtrack for a videogame me and some friends are currently developing, it's called Last Dream of Eternity.
It's been the first time I composed Medieval Music, so it's been quite a challenge for me. I received many compliments as I've been showing my progress to the members of the Group. I have found this experience to be very rewarding, something that didn't happen with my other music.
I composed around 12 songs, but wait! that's not all! there are still around 4 more chapters to go, so expect about 2 times or 3 times that amount of songs to be forming part of the Full Soundtrack.

It's a bit funny, because I always use the same method for composing and I always get excellent answers from the people I show this music to. Probably I'm doing the things the right way, or maybe I'm just lucky. Could it be?

One of the things I thought would be good about this soundtrack, is to use actual performers to, yes you guessed it: perform the scores. But we don't have the money! So it's a bit tough to get someone to contribute, although I've discovered that offering them to be on the credits and sharing the soundtrack with them is a good offer, and even though it's not money, it's something that is meaningful to them, and of course, to us as well!

It's been a sacrifice, a pleasure, a responsibility and an inspiration to be doing this, and believe it or not, honestly speaking, it took me about 1 hour to compose each song. Yes! 1 hour! Probably you'll be thinking I'm a machine, but no, it's true. I guess I have a pretty simple method for composing. I'm not sure how to explain it right now, maybe in the future I'll show some tips from what I've learned to show you how I compose and how you can save time composing the same way I do. But yes, let's leave it for later.

What's this game about?

This game is about a guy who founds himself inside a village which has strange happenings, somehow there are some necromancers producing these happenings occur, and it's the character's job to find out how they have been produced, where and why. The player will have to talk with different people in the village and try to see what's going on and why is he there. It's a long story, and it has many surprises. It has a deep meaning and you can go pretty far when trying to decypher the methaphors that are in the story. Probably you'll find it a very simple game at the beginning. We're having limitations right now: using GameMaker for a 3D game is quite a challenge, trying to understand shaders and advanced 3d rendering knowledge is a tough job. But our programmer is doing the best to make the game as good as possible with the tools available that we can understand. So don't expect an AAA game! This is an indie game being developed by people who have other responsibilities and whose main focus in their lives isn't exactly this game. Most of them are students.

Probably I haven't explained much about the game, so why don't take a look at the trailer? It's in Spanish though. But you can enjoy the music and the graphics anyways.

Here: The Trailer

Anything else?

Probably not much else to tell... It's been a while since we started developing this game. If I recall well we began around March or April, and it's still in it's beginnings, the DEMO is being made right now and it's on it's way to be ready in days! We have to show this game in an event taking place in Buenos Aires which is called EVA: Exposición de Videojuegos Argentina (Argentinean Videogame Expo), so if you're close to Buenos Aires and decide to go it's in INCAA's space, around the 7 and 8 of November, but you'll find our guys to be just the 7th, since they have a short budget and can't stay long in Buenos Aires. Remember, we're from Mendoza.

Who knows... maybe one day we'll release it on Steam and we'd need your vote on Greenlight. Stay tuned as we still don't imagine what can be of our game in the upcoming year. Yep there's 1 year of development ahead in the way, but I'll try to show the news here if they are relevant enough.

See you later!

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