Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Software I use


I think it's normal to wonder why, how and what is someone using to do his job. I have no problems in sharing this knowledge with you:

I use FL Studio 9 to compose my songs. FL Studio has been one of the software I've found very good-resulting for my projects, and when I was a young experimentator I discovered that this program let me do even more than what I wanted. To my surprise, my dad gave me a boxed version of FL Studio 8 with a Fruity License for my 18th birthday! How cool is that, huh?!

That's not all, I also need a software to process general sound files and to do other kind of work, that's when Audacity comes into play. It's a free software that does pretty much anything for you. Well I don't think it does the dishes, but with the results it gives you can do excellent work, sell it and buy new dishes instead!! Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit at this point. But you get the idea, right?

You can download Audacity for free from it's website: Audacity in Sourceforge

From my experience, you don't need to download cracked software to achieve your goals, I mean in the year 2007 I was 17 and I still didn't have access to FL Studio, I remember trying the demo version when I was younger but it had restrictions. So in that year I mentioned, what I did was search for a good alternative and that's when I found Psycle. Psycle is a tracker, which means you'll be composing music the retro style, but don't panic! It still offers modern capabilites such as VSTs, effects and so on. Psycle is a Modular DAW which means it's made so it's practical for you to use and you get what you need fast and in many different ways.

If you want you can give it a try! Here's the website: Psycle's Website

If you want more power you can test the trials of other software, but I'm not saying it's 100% better than what I use. It might be a little better or most likely, different. Programs such as Sibelius, Cubase, ProTools, Ableton, and more. It's more of a matter of taste than anything else.

If you have questions please, PLEASE! Leave a comment below...

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