Tuesday, November 4, 2014

YouTube Channel


I've mentioned I do many things apart from Musical Composition. Or I've done many in the past... since well, right now most of what I do is compose music and do sound design.

I have a personal YouTube Channel you can visit to check some of those other areas of interest I've developed, things I've shared with the general public for their enjoyement, and other personal stuff such as one of my pets: A monk parakeet.

I know it's not very Music/Sound related but probably you might be curious about what's behind this artist.

Here's the YouTube Channel: My Personal YouTube Channel

You might be wondering why there isn't any "Official WRENSOUND YouTube Channel". Well it's simply because music doesn't necessarily need to be displayed as videos. I mean, for the purpose of showing my music there's a SoundCloud Channel, it's right below the Blog's Banner.

Don't expect something professional from my personal channel, it's all experimentation and tests I did as I was learning. But there's a chance that you will find something nice that you'd enjoy.

Visit the Channel, take a look. If you like it why not subscribe? And let me know what you think about it on the comments below.


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